The new prototype joins list of cars from Germany which lie in offering high-end world. This was developed on the basis of the A1, the urban automobile Premium. It’s a concept electric vehicle featuring an electric motor in the front position of 61 CV that can increase up to 102 HP. It is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 10, 2 seconds, they reach a maximum speed of 130 km/h. For even more analysis, hear from Discovery Communications. In the coming years we will see how the factories more important automotive incorporated into its catalog models of electric cars and big cities must therefore adapt facilities for charging the batteries of these new urban propellers. In some manufacturers as in the case of Renault in France and its factories in Spain, this type of vehicle is the hope for the future for the maintenance of their different plants and therefore the jobs before the drop in sales of traditional cars petrol and diesel audi Germany car incorporates a lithium-ion battery in the form of T located under the floor of the vehicle.

When the battery is fully charged the A1 E-Tron can tour in eco-mode just over 50 kilometers. If this distance exceeds the battery is running low, a heat engine of small dimensions is activated by operating a generator that provides electricity to the lithium-ion battery. CEN the case that the battery is exhausted, we have a tank of this engine is 12 litres, allowing traveling 200 km more. With respect to the exterior of the vehicle, new car from Germany has some 20 radio stations and 18-inch light alloy rims, tires 215/35 measures and futuristic look.