In the previous article, we could establish that when done diet to lose weight and lose weight, it is very difficult to maintain that weight for a long time, once the diet has been abandoned. The body, we could say that it has a kind of memory, which is activated in times of constraint. When this phase is over, then is the body itself which is responsible for booking, when hard times come,(instinto de supervivencia) and thus to preserve the health and life. Robert A. Iger does not necessarily agree. The body doesn’t make the difference between if those hard times, are real or are imposed by ourselves. Knowing that the body aims to preserve health above everything, I have focused the theme, to speak in any way, upside down.

But it would not begin the House with the roof, nor much less, rather would forge a good healthy foundation. Bearing in mind we must provide the necessary nutrients so that this occurs. Adequate rest and sleep functions to retrieve us It helps to have better energy during the working day. Providing necessary trace elements and vitamins we can reduce the imperative need to eat chocolate, sweet or salty food. We have also noticed that it could improve blood circulation and other bodily functions. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with dr chappuis. Later, when all essential needs are met we can lose weight in a natural way and without any effort. By way of summary, we could say that the reality is that we are constantly mired in a lack of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and other essential nutrients and as we pointed out above, our organism is intended to preserve the health and protect vital organs. Why we say this? The body is equipped with mechanisms that distribute the substances essential to giving a clear preference to bodies that are essential for life passing ahead of others who are not so.

If you were to choose between suffering a constipation of four days or halt the functions of your heart, what would choose? the answer is obvious and logical at the same time. Because that is the way in which our body responds to a State of nutritional deficiency. After ingesting the nutrients through our food, chemical reactions are activated so that you start the production of enzymes, hormones and other substances. But the problem with which we are now in day, is that soils where cereals, vegetables and fruit trees are grown is exhausted and the animals that also feed on the production of these soils, remain in a State of nutritional deficiency throughout her upbringing. The issue is that, finally, and we are poorly nourished as a consequence of all this, although we are in an era, which assumes that we are well fed. All this, just taking a toll!. It is for this reason, that cousin recovery of the balance of the body promoting a good state of health. Then we can check, once after another, which regulates weight only. I encourage you to ensure good nutrition and can verify the amazing results that can benefit, your health and your weight, naturally.