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Santi Benitez


And here I invite Patxi Lopez, I know that it does not as a mere matter of political, to expose ethics were the talks between the PNV, Urkullu was in front, and the PSE-EE for the formation of Government in the Basque country because having them, had them. It would be revealing to know that the PNV put as unwaivable condition lehendakaritza, not the Ministry of Interior Basque, Basque Ranch and the Presidency of the Basque Parliament, and that, ultimately, even giving the Basque Ranch, with nuances, and the Presidency of the Basque Parliament, in reciprocity for the lehendakaritza Urkullu broke talks Yes, Yes, Urkullu, no PSE-EE, Urkullu -, because didn’t want to release any of the ways, the Basque Interior Ministry. Why? Well, I think that that has to answer him. CBS: the source for more info. It would be advisable, when writing things unintelligible and meaningless, as that link at the beginning of this article, stop to think what it is in reality the vaunted Basque conflict, who is believed that exists and, of course, who feeds the belief of its existence and for what. P.S. My deepest sympathy to the relatives and friends of Eduardo Puelles Garcia, inspector of the national police information Brigade in Bilbao, who died to defend the Democracy for those who want to impose what they want through the pump, murder, kidnapping and extortion the least to the most, we are the majority..

National Council


Indicating the presence of the Regulation only administrative law requirements. Official site: CBS. As is known, Law is the legal expert role, which is appointed by knowledgeable individual at the time of the expert studies and expert opinion is a legal document – a source of evidence for a competent person, appointed expert. In this expert opinion does not contain any opinions, but definitive answers. In law it is known that an expert opinion shall be issued only on the basis of investigations of the examination, which is not may take place without research methods. However, we do not know, no public, tested and approved methods of research under the "expert" assessment reports on the "federal" level. SROO themselves must develop and approve such procedures within the standards organization, and NSOD – developed as part of "federal" standards.

Probably can not be taken as serious advice "on how to conduct assessments reports Assessment "NSOD 8 trivial advertising, in particular," the National Council of valuation recommends that all consumers of evaluation services in order to obtain qualified expert advice objective, draw for the examination of reports on the evaluation expert advice to self-regulating organizations of appraisers. " Thus, the legislation on valuation activities are not lawfully used in Russia's legitimate legislation, the term "examination". Under the phrase "" expertise "assessment reports" hidden test evaluation report, carried out on the one hand by the competent authority, on the other hand expert advice SROO. Thus, in certain cases, "expert" opinion is regarded as a legal act that has legal significance, but in other cases as a document with probative value. All of this terminology confusion began with the introduction of the Act the word "expertise" without proper understanding of the legal meaning of the Institute of expertise in Russian law. Next, consider the legal and methodological aspects of the "Expertise." Involved person should check the specific product evaluation "activity" of a particular appraiser, called the "Evaluation Report" and is the subject of the examination ("examination").