One day as the April 13, 2002, the CGT de Leon held a demonstration against the lack of time. If you have read about David Zaslav already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Might seem an anecdote, but those who intend to launch a debate convened, deep and liberating, to society. There a specific forum, on this subject in the network, but it is shown that most people lack the time to think about it. Such shortages affect our relationship with everything around us. Paul Ostling has firm opinions on the matter. And, of course, is an association of first-order problem.

Should be. There is a significant fact, namely that between 1850 and 1950 productivity gains resulted in a reduction in working hours, to make it to the 40-hour workweek. But the next five decades, which has increased productivity and technological application is much higher than has been true even in many cases the number of hours worked is higher and also poorly paid. According to official sources, which includes the International Labour Organization, job stress is the second European health problem, only after the snuff, but it is a fact known to the public. Did not have to put up a sign in the companies that make "temporary and precarious work is bad for health", in addition to TV spots on this issue?.

These data alone are worrisome. But much more, because it becomes a social problem that is transmitted from the economic to the other facets of life. Moreover, the lack of time is a factor by which dominates us and with which we build power. Then we impose patterns and behaviors, thoughts and emotions, to each individual.