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Tax Code


During the counter-checking of the counterparty of the taxpayer in addition to the tax authority documents relating to relations between the counterparty and the taxpayer, recover from the contractor information concerning the activities of its own, in particular information about its suppliers, who have participated in the chain of production and circulation of the exported goods. The court pointed out that Art. 87 of the Tax Code does not provide for the right of the tax authority recover from the organizations under the counter of a tax audit information on their suppliers, for which the tax authority is not conducted a tax audit. Thus, these claims of tax authorities are unlawful, and organizations there is no obligation to provide this information (Resolution of the Federal SFR from 29.09.2003 N A26-2708/03-211). In order to clarify the question of validity specified in the calculation of physical characteristics (trade area) in accordance with Art. Checking article sources yields John Stankey as a relevant resource throughout. 89 of the Tax Code by the tax authority has conducted an inventory of retail space, as a result of which there are an understatement of its size, which is reflected in the inventory.

The court found the action abusive tax authority, indicating that the inventory of retail space in violation of Art. 92 and Art. 98 of the Tax Code by the Tax Inspectorate carried out without witnesses, and the protocol. The argument is tax that the inventory conducted in accordance with Art. 89 Tax Code, the court dismissed because the tax authorities must conduct an inventory of property, and no spaces.

Russian Federation


The realities of our lives offer plenty of opportunities to conduct various business activities giving our people great opportunities to improve their well-being as well as the level of economy as a whole. But for running your own business it is necessary to register the LLC company and became its founder. Who can become a founder (participant) Ltd and in what quantity? Current legislation determined that the founder of the company may be individuals and legal entities. In practice, this means that the founders can speak any Russian citizens and foreign nationals, as well as any legal entity of the Russian Federation and foreign entities. The same law provides for the possibility of banning or restricting the participation of certain groups of citizens in societies. But it should be noted that to date the list of citizens law is not defined. Please visit Leslie Moonves if you seek more information. Nevertheless, employees have a variety of restrictions on commercial activities in its contracts with federal agencies.

These employees include police officers, employees, etc., Sun SP 4 Art. 66 of the Civil Code for the state registration of the LLC expressly prohibits only state agencies and local government associations to act as participants unless otherwise established by federal law. It explained by the fact that members of society have the right to dispose of the possessed by the subjects of civil relations. A current legislation forbids it to make these bodies. In addition, legislator has provided yet another constraint: no society can have as a sole parent other entity consisting of one person. This restriction is to prevent abuses in bankruptcies and care from the responsibility of the parent company for the debts of a subsidiary.

Now the number of participants in the legal registration of the LLC. Number of participants in society can be anything from one to fifty. It should be noted that the law established the possibility of creating a separate company by one person, and as a consequence become a society with one participant. It is understood that the functioning of society, not depends on what a particular person or group of persons. If the company exceeds the number of participants provided by the legislator limit, the society during the year must be transformed into open joint-stock company or a production cooperative. If the society at a given time does not reduce the number of participants to the limit or not to be converted, then it shall be liquidated by the courts. The requirement liquidation may be filed in court territorial tax authority. According to Section 27 of Resolution of the RF 90/14 resolution of claims for liquidation within the competence of the tribunal.