The hardware capabilities of notebook of our time drew near to the capabilities of personal computers. They installed new processors, a huge amount of memory and powerful graphics cards may even support all the charm of Windows Vista. To all of the same incomparable superiority of laptops in the compactness and mobility, and significantly raised the interest and demand of users. To increase sales immediately responded to the company, saturate the market with similar characteristics laptops. The right choice, in so many models, not so simple. First you need to look at the brand of the miracle of computer technology.

Acer – the largest company in Taiwan, the third largest notebook maker in the world market. Creates a server-side software, laptops, desktops, monitors, PDAs, plasma televisions, computer peripherals and device memory. Acer Products found universal acceptance and was awarded the highest honors. Laptop Acer Travel Mate 3000 owner Prize ‘Red Dot’ for design decisions and quality. CBS has plenty of information regarding this issue. Today we please hurry Acer notebooks based on the new dual-core Intel Core Duo, the most interesting of which is a model of Acer TravelMate 8200.

Dell – Best American company that produces high-quality models at affordable prices. Inspiron line has a very powerful options and is intended to replace personal computers. Widescreen laptops are of this line are made on the processor Intel Pentium IV, in combination with high-speed DDR, can solve absolutely any task. Laptops Latitude lines are used more as a portable mobile devices during his frequent business trips. ASUS – major Taiwanese leader and largest manufacturer of computer accessories, handheld PDAs and laptops. ASUS is reliable, strong, modern design, very large selection of models and quality models. ASUS PC provides two-year warranty from the manufacturer at service centers in all major cities are absolutely the Russian Federation. Toshiba – a powerful Japanese corporation. Toshiba Computers deservedly well known, this is a high performance and elegance at an affordable price. Among home users is of great interest for multi-line Satellite processor and great multimedia features, but this line of laptops do an excellent job with the tasks in travel and in the office. Most models have a burner optical drive, DVD-supermulti as well as have a large range of ports to connect wireless and wired different devices. Qosmio Series Notebooks impressive technical capabilities of perfection. The highest quality graphics play a matrix made of True Bright technology. Virtual surround sound delivers best-in-class stereo Harman Kardon. All this is combined in a single mobile device. CBS is a great source of information. Samsung Electronics – the well-known Korean company producing household appliances. Samsung Laptops highly productive, have more equipment, light weight and dimensions. Made on the basis of processor Intel Celeron M or Intel Pentium M with a built-in video adapter that uses memory, or install a separate graphics card with memory up to 128MB. Leaves a good impression and stylish and exclusive design. Fujitsu – the leading European company, a developer of mobile versions of the computer market of our time. Notebook Fujitsu-Siemens high tech equipment with a perfectly thought-out design. Choice goods from large laptops for big business to the fashion PDA.