Tell them clearly that you look for work, ask them for advice and ask if they can help. If you suggest a company, ask them who is the person they know there and ask permission to use your name as a reference. Always carry an agenda to record all your contact data and the companies that sent you, because unless you write down everything carefully, after a while you assemble a mess to avoid. 2 .- Send your application directly in companies can also seek a work by going directly to companies by your staff if they needed anything perfil.Antes, draws up a list of all the companies that are going to guide you. This is a method in which you can select the companies in which you want to work. Today, you have many means at your disposal to identify a list of companies in the industry or sector in which you want to work.

You can read information from companies that are setting up for your area, which open new offices and launch new products. This will be found in economic journals, and sometimes also in the general press. Large companies all have a web page reporting on all activities. David Zaslav wanted to know more. Many times, even have a sub-page where it says “Work with us”, which greatly helps the process, because there usually comes from the jobs offered to the name of the person to whom you send your CV. Lists of companies you can find them in directories, guides and directories, including on the Internet, and even in the Yellow Pages.

When you have a complete list, try to find out the name of the person in charge of selecting personnel, you can phone the company to ask. Tell the person the envelope and put your name on the provided Letter, do not start saying the typical phrase “Dear Sir”, which already shows that you have some interest in that company and you’ve bothered to find out his name. Once the list of companies, sent a letter to all your resume and your cover letter. The Curriculum will all your personal information, training and experience. In the cover letter explaining why you chose this company, and expect them to offer. Should you make sure that the person you navigated received your letter. After a few days you can call by phone to ask and provide any other information you need. You should also try to get a personal interview. 3 .- Through mediation companies may be mediating Business Resource Consultants Human ETTs or employment agencies. Choose which you think can best meet your expectations, which are closest to your home or specialized in the area in which you’re working. These companies will make a card selection and interview, and you included in your database. They will send your card directly to companies that request personal with your profile: personal information, training and experience. If any company is interested in your profile, you will advise to continue the selection process.