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Larger, Faster, Easier: Relaunch Completed


New optivel AG – tourism maker recently was Trip.de, the travel portal of the Dusseldorf travel professionals of optivel AG – tourism maker, successfully relaunches. In the new outfit Trip.de offers its customers offers 219 tour operators and tourist service providers for the holiday season of 2009. With the recent relaunch of the online travel portal Trip.de can travelers now an enlarged offer with more tour operators in the direct comparison of all access. All holidays are therefore able, that for them best offer in a short time from the existing product range to find. David Zaslav helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Trip.de put focus on improving the user experience and optimize the search function in transforming the Internet presence.

Fast loading times, a larger variety, and simple navigation were here at the top on the agenda and could be implemented adequately. The travel-interested is by means of clearly defined now on Trip.de a well structured and clear, in front, “” Main menu, such as, for example, only flight “or package”, a very simple and quick navigation enables. Eliminates the long search and current offers can be obtained immediately. Overall, Trip.de has offers from 219 tour operators and tourist service providers. Each of these offers can be analyzed in a direct price comparison, and can be booked. Contact information is here: Jeffrey L. Bewkes. The current TUI full range, which is also available online in addition to the existing tour operators now offer is particularly interesting.

With our revised travel portal we increasingly enter Trip.de on the needs of our customers, called the increasingly easy and direct price comparisons for individual tours”, so Alexander Kretzschmar, Managing Director of optivel AG. Now also with the travel range of the TUI is feasible and allows a greater variety in our portal.” More information about optivel AG and the travel websites are available on the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in our online press box for free use: of press compartments/optivel contact for questions regarding this press release: Mr Alexander Kretzschmar (Managing Director) headquarter of optivel AG – Internet: branch optivel AG – tourism Germany makers Berliner AlleeInternet: about optivel AG: the optivel AG – tourism was maker headquartered in Zurich and Dusseldorf in April 2008 as a tourism business to the Sales-based distribution systems and applications in the B2B and B2C area for Tourism travel products, as well as for the production of Internet based. The optivel AG aims to be the world’s best and fairest tourism company.

The Magazine For Hamburg South


The magazine soft spot in our Harburg.de that elevates our Harburg.de Internet portal offering and service new service on the popular Internet portal in our Harburg.de be. Download now there is the magazine penchant for Hamburg’s South”. Soft spot”is published monthly and is offered free of charge since February of this year in many places in Harburg, rose garden, Seevetal, Jesteburg and Bendestorf as a print edition. Thus, our Harburg.de magazine offers its visitors in addition to the in-house our Harburg.de”now also an external magazine for free download at. For even more analysis, hear from Coen Brothers. “” Soft spot”provides a great cover story, a story about a personality, as well as reports from the world of wellness” every month, fashion “and lifestyle”. With this new service, our Harburg.de excellent complements its previous range. There the visitor not only trivia, interesting and informative about the District of Hamburg-Harburg, southern parts of the district Hamburg-Mitte, but also about the district Harburg and their Cities and towns.

Not without reason, the portal is called also”our Harburg.de – the portal for city and country. In addition to an extensive business directory, in which companies from the region free can sign up, everyone will find interested in info about public and social facilities, such as authorities, kindergartens, schools, clinics, old, nursing and retirement homes. A great importance on this portal is also the coverage of regional news, which sometimes go beyond the borders of the region. Of course also place important messages from the adjacent counties and districts of Hamburg. But our Harburg.de offers much more. The partially exclusive puzzles like the photo quiz, the puzzle, the memory, and of course the Harburg quiz are popular with young and old. Here all and about Harburg turns town and country.

Anyone who knows this region between the Elbe and the Luneburg Heath a little bit, will have his fun with the rates and plays. Interactive participation is here asked and appreciated, as well as in Harburg Forum. Here is being discussed with other users about issues from the region as well as all that which moves the whole Republic. Worth mentioning is also the online shop, the numerous gift items with regard to Harburg offered in town and country. In addition to given products, you can give free rein to his creativity and design these with own slogans and motifs. A fixture on our Harburg.de is also the Harburg Classifieds with the headings car market, flea market, real estate market, jobs/job exchange and the animal market. Private Classifieds are here free of charge. The ads of the longer-term are free of charge for companies, an ad against an annual fee is possible in the other sections. “Not to mention that mentioned in-house our Harburg.de magazine”. This free magazine is a supplement to our Harburg.de Internet portal”. Here is detailed Reports reported Harburg city and country and its attractions. More in addition to reports about the country and its people focuses on tips and information for hobby, leisure time and work, who have no place on the Internet portal. The offer on our Harburg.de is rounded off by the Harburg upriver Gallery, events, news, information and actions that should shake the fellow human beings a little awake. So the actions against the right, against child abuse “,” against animal cruelty and against pollution, just to name a few. Our Harburg.de has thus for anyone who loves this region to offer something. With this portal, always a good choice is taken in any case, independent awards and the results of the search engines to prove this. Here, our Harburg.