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Domestic Dogs


On the Egyptian monuments 3400-2100 years. BC. er. shows dogs of various breeds. Most of them are like greyhounds. David Zaslav may help you with your research. In the later monuments of this period, you can see the dogs, similar to the hounds and the Norns (taxi). And in Assyrian monument related to the period about 640 BC.

er. there is an image of a large mastiff. Such examples are enough to say: Different breeds of dogs have existed for several thousand years ago. Dog, domestic refers to mammalian predators squad. The question of the origin of the domestic dog is still a formidable task. The vast majority of authors to the ancestors of domestic the dog is called species of the genus Canis, and often the dog is considered the ancestor of the wolf, at least – ordinary jackal.

Other species of this genus appear as the possible ancestors of the dog in a smaller number of authors. Konrad Lorenz believes that man first attracted the jackal, that he gave him to know about the approximation of large predators and other enemies. Then the dogs began to help in the hunt. Another picture is obtained if we assume that the ancestor of the dog first used it for hunting. Obviously, for this more suited wolves or other animals are harder jackal. Anyway, "prosobaka" was supposed to be a beast with strongly expressed socialization, ie, the ability to become accustomed and attached to other beings, including humans. Consequently, almost surely it must be gregarious animal. From living relatives dog wolf most is social, while at the jackals, and coyotes These properties are well developed.

Canadian Sphynx


About the Breed ‘Sphynx’ (Canadian sphinx) In mythology the Sphinx-monster with the face and chest, women and the torso lva.V Egypt stone images of sphinxes guarded temples and other holy mesta.Naibolee quadrupeds statue Big Sfinksa.Po definition of Titus Flavius, a Roman scholar and writer, an Egyptian sphinx, a symbol of strength and mind: the lion’s body represents power, the human person-mind. People for many centuries has attracted and fascinated by this mythical image. Equally sacred, like a sphinx in Egypt were koshki.Bolee two thousand years continued the cult of cats in ancient Egipte.Svidetelstvom it are numerous bronze statues, mosaics, as well as burial koshek.Mozhet be precisely because of ancient Egyptian cats brought to his mystique, his mind, his strength. And what is a cat-sphinx? This cat mystery cat mystery on the solving of which may not be enough zhizni.Eto same magic, but realnaya.Eto cat statuetka.Eto soft lines, the magic of hormones, is the look in her eyes right into serdtse.Eto not a cat, it poeziya.Sfinksa can not be called a cat, this creature came to us with another planety.Eto embodiment of all the best that is in wildlife and cheloveke.Oni very similar to human: they have legs, like pens, they love to sleep under a blanket, looked straight in the eye without looking away, is not typical zhivotnym.Eto cat shok.Pervy shock-when you first see an sfinksa.Nikto not remain indifferent at the sight of this amazing suschestva.Vtoroy shock is the sensation of hot, naked, suede calf ladonyah.Kto dare to take this creature on your hands, never vypustit.Trety shock is a magic personality sfinksa.Kogda you communicate with Sphinx, its unusual, exotic appearance seems the only option, the application for his amazing harakteru.Eto creature does not suffer alone, it wants a permanent dialogue with vami.Sfinksu necessary be close to you, look at you, pressing his whole body to be kissed nos.Eto not explain in words but in practice, once the Sphinx establishments, you will not change him ever, he always takes bath in your heart.. CBS may find this interesting as well.