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Professionals and Planning


LACK OF PREVENTIVE PLANNING lack of professionals of nursing technical qualified influences directly in the causes of accidents, the reduced number of workers makes it difficult the accomplishment of the preventive planning of the inherent activities has continued and permanent education, to the material and human resource to eliminate the risks. Much has if written on the planning of the assistance of nursing in the perioperatrio, but, in the practical one, many times the patient is directed to the surgical center without having received the clarifications of its doubts or with only part from them clarified 5. Consideraes Final In Brazil, the concerns with prophylactic measures to diminish the index of the main causes of unexpected being involved the nursing in surgical center comes showing to an alarming reality front to the conditions of work of these professionals. I number it of suspended surgeries to the scarcity of qualified human resources and the lack of preventive planning comes numbers increasing it of accident and causing great damages the quality of the services in nursing in perioperatrio. This bibliographical study it disclosed that the main causes of accidents are related to the excess in the bureaucratic demand of activities and administrative front the deficiency of qualified staff and material, that in turn, generate the problems between the teams consequently reing-echo in the dynamics of the functioning of the unit and in the accidents. The scarce number of professionals of the nursing to develop the administrative and assistenciais activities in surgical center, overloads the team that in turn does not obtain to take care of to the legal and institucional requirements, generating conflicts intra-professional and propitiating a risk environment the manifestations epidemiologists of accidents in nursing in surgical center. The lack of professionals of nursing technical qualified influences directly in the causes of accidents, the reduced number of workers makes it difficult the accomplishment of the preventive planning of the inherent activities the continued and permanent education, to the material and human resource to eliminate the risks.

Florence Nightingale


However, from the moment that the hospital is conceived as an instrument of cure and the distribution of the space becomes an instrument teraputico' '. It is transferred then for changes where the space destined to the cure becomes favorable to the exercise of the medical power, which, from there, starts to be main the responsible one for the hospital organization, banishing the religious community and organizing it of form medically. It is observed then, that from there, new forces and forms appear of being able, and of these it is gotten nursing profession. With the medical confidence gotten by the religious ones, the disciplined hospital becomes local adequate of disciplines doctor, it allows what them to cure the sick people and to control the daily one of the excessively professional ones, giving to the category of nursing a subordinated paper, beyond determining the type of behavior waited in the hospital space. (FOUCAULT; (1979)).

The nursing is a science that comes conquering throughout history, autonomy and power. This conquest, was initiated by Florence Nightingale, as Padilha tells (1997, P. 01), gave to origin the Modern Nursing the world-wide level, when nailing the superiority of medical Saber in detriment of knowing of the nursing, what it observed the Leaderships of Nursing and the practical one of the power, as it is mentioned to follow: Since Florence it disciplines it to Nightingale, the obedience and the subservincia in the nursing, is considered as indissocivel part of the exercise daily, not only in what they concern the assistenciais actions, as well as the relations between nurse and the doctor, the team of nursing and the hospital administration. (Foucault apud PADILHA, 1982, P. 02). It was in the decade of 80, of century XX that the interest in carrying through critical studies appeared on the relation of nursing with the power, with the concern to understand the nursing as a historical, social, cultural process, educative politician and, analyzing and denouncing of clear form the humble, conformistical behavior and docile of the nurses in the relations with who it represented the power, opposing its authoritarian behavior, frequently assumed in the relations with the too much elements of the nursing team.

Pharmaceutical Attention


The medicines are of basic importance for the recovery of the health, but they are not exempt of risk, being able to become extremely dangerous in certain situations. Beyond the risk to the health, when used of form irrational they also cause unjustifiable economic losses, they is esteem that about 50% of the patients they abandon total partially or the established treatments or commit errors in the administration of medicines, what can lead to the aggravation of its state of health (GICK; YOU WOULD MAKE, 2005). These data are important, to the measure that they indicate not only I aggravate it to the health of the patients, but also one significant increase of the expenses of the health system. Such fact if becomes individually critical in the public sector, where the deficiencies in the primary attention result in such a way in the overload of the too much levels of attention to the health as in the rise of the costs for the maintenance of system (GICK; YOU WOULD MAKE, 2005). 3,2 Pharmaceutical attention in Brazil In 2001, a group of entities and institutions, worried about the magnifying of the pharmaceutical attention in Brazil, instituted the Managing Group in Pharmaceutical Attention, under the coordination of the Organization Pan-American of the Health, that resulted the proposal of a Brazilian Consensus of Pharmaceutical Attention, being this considered ' ' a model of practical druggist, developed in the set of the pharmaceutical assistance, form integrated to the health team. The direct interaction of the druggist with the user aims at the rational resulted medicine use and the attainment of better, come back toward improvement of the quality of life (I CASTRATE et al., 2006). This professional considers itself that the direct relation, orientation and accompaniment of the user of the medicine are the moment most important in the work of the druggist, therefore is the privileged retainer of the knowledge on medicines. . Follow others, such as Robert Iger , and add to your knowledge base.

The Device


The main contraindications are the administration of great volumes in bolus, the cutaneous injuries or infection in the place of choice of the insertion, wronged venoso return, situations of emergency, trombose venosa. (JESUS, SECOLI, 2008) Different complications can happen during the use of the PICC, depending on the circumstances, can occur occlusion of catheter, bad positioning of the tip of the catheter after the insertion or during the manipulations of the same; local complications that involve flebite, local infection and trombose; sistmicas complications that include sepse, gaseous embolism and embolism for catheter, and can have difficulty in the removal of the device. (JESUS, SECOLI, 2008) 8,1 CIRCUMSTANTIAL COMPLICATIONS One of the main complications related to the catheter are the occlusion, that is determined as partial or complete blockage of the catheter, causing the loss of the permeability of the device. The blockage of the catheter can be mechanics, trombtica and no-trombtica.

(JESUS, SECOLI, 2008) the trombtica occlusion is originated through the tack of plaquetas and fibrinas that ocluem the catheter and the lumen of the vase. Some factors contribute for the one formation trombo, as for example, traumas in the endoteliais cells of the venosa wall; discontinuance of the therapy for drawn out time; refluxo of blood for catheter; diminished speed of the infusion and states of hipercoagulopatias caused mainly for cancer or diabetes. (JESUS, SECOLI, 2008) Therefore it is not recommended the which had infusion of hemoderivados to the blockage risk, hemlise and loss of the catheter/venoso access. In case that this procedure is inevitable, the speed of infusion and the laudering of the catheter with saline solution must be attempted against for 0.9% in bigger volume three times that its internal capacity, during and after the infusion.. Under most conditions Coen Brothers would agree.