A Pearl on sand in a Jalisco exporter of labor, desahijada geography where identity is lost before the wave of migrants who leave the grit of his land to find after the border, as the citizens of nowhere. The exiles, the sons of exile, the victims and perpetrators of a system. A people without culture is a dead village and a village that does not have its own culture is a slave of whom it is imposed. Under this perspective the dramaturgy of Ruiz market is constructed with a thorough review of Mexican society; in its specificity, a Jalisco town of step. Hence the need to offer a song from April to the fall of the city. Hence the poetic theatricality of singing for the city. The Medullary point for a study of proposal. Syncopation as main element.

Music as a Medullary structure for walking in a city with parking in cruz; a metropolis with pedestrian bridge where it crosses a citizen who is known on the border of two worldviews. The assumed ruin as valid, another denied by officers. The revision of the myth is indispensable to understand, to be found in an immensity where dreams do not already reach for to Sun dress and undress to the Moon: why not be naked face? For the same reason that you don’t bare the soul. Shhhh, listen. The myth has the strength to cover our empty, but always persists the permeability through which penetrate the version.

The work ruizmarquiana does a balance in a space where characters can not be. Here’s the conflict, the search for the elements enabling recomposition socio-cultural. Hence the importance of the historical aspects, bases, the origins. Therefore, in the proposed ruizmarquiana, there is always a thread that leads us to Hank. The foundation of a town and their conscience is a recurring element in the Dignisima Ms. Dry, when the tyrant falls, Memorial of April, the monologues of the feast, and other works where the female characters appear carrying the baton, questioning, asserting, denying and, on occasions, imposing itself as a Beatriz Hernandez urbanize cross because so I send it. The always imposing to which only remains the opposition organized, underground, throbbing, prestisima to sprout by the epidermis of concrete: Calle luna. Street. Place of all. Place of the neighborhood. A territory to defend itself. Every inch. In syncopated, rumor of incest, rumor of love, love love, sleep among dreams you perceive. It romanza city that offers the possibility of an evolution towards a radio hit in maldiciente tessitura. For Mexico, the years of domination is not gone. They remain in force. Jalisco dramaturgy is constructed upon review of a village. An Oedipal people with capital where the matron is supreme, as Elvira, widow and painful birth icon, with a resemblance to the Virgin of Zapopan, the work Dante Medina, I am Don Juan. Here are the works and their authors. Behold the time of closing of a cycle of conferences. Review of a historical past in the future in doing it. When is the human being adrift, without boat, barely with slivers of a ship. Get afloat or sinking forever.