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Chai Recipes


Also in the summer with our recipes a pleasure! Chai latte has now become a permanent fixture in the coffee shops, but still very different things Chai would prepare. Chai is for a few years on the best way to rank the major cocoa and coffee. But not only hot, but also cold Chai is a delicious drink that has many fans. Here are a few recipes and suggestions for those who are looking for new taste experiences. There are Chai recipes here: Oriental coffee – power Chai and ice cubes in a blender or blender ice coffee on Oriental art 150 ml milk, espresso, 3 teaspoons David Rio and blend. Banana Chai 100ml milk, and 2 teaspoons of David Rio giraffe froth decaf Chai together. Give some banana syrup in a cup and pour the hot Chai milk.

Of course it also works with a fresh banana, all the ingredients in the mixer are given and creamy stirred. Tip: Too cold a pleasure! Peach frozen Chai 3 teaspoons David Rio elephant vanilla Chai, 150ml cream, 100ml Peach juice and ice cubes together in a blender and blend. A particularly fruity blend that also works with other fruits, the imagination is limitless! Yogi Chai mix creamy on ice 200ml milk and 3 teaspoons of Chai tea powder along with a handful of ice cubes in the blender. A classic! Chai vanilla Frappe of 200ml cold milk, 2 teaspoons of David Tiger spice Chai and 2 teaspoons of Frappe with ice cubes in a blender give Rio (for example one & only or powder Ghirardelli) and until the texture is smooth and creamy mix. The Chai powder there in many different varieties and different brands, for example by David Rio (the leader!), one & only or Mocafe. And there are even decaf or sugar-free Chai, Gruntee.Chai and particularly strong grades who have power. Frappe powder in the varieties of vanilla, white chocolate, coffee and chocolate suitable for the preparation of many delicious cold drinks in summer. A little imagination and experimentation create countless creations. All There are products and much more at to buy. Have fun trying out Nadja Ulm

Citystepsde Restaurant


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Quick Recipes


(Online article) – fast food, healthy and varied quick work from home, the children picked up by or… More and more courts are popular in our hectic times need not so much time, it is called even fast foods. So, as the word itself suggests, you have to be prepared very quickly. And there is so much, if you look around in the cooking world. There is what for all tastes. Rice tastes very good with beans! You need to do this following products: 250 g rice 1 cup beans in cans, 1-2 tablespoons butter, salt and seasonings to taste.

Instructions: The pot with hot water filling so that the beans and rice are barely covered, add salt and spices. Cook the rice as long, until it softens, then take the pot from the fire pit away and a little by steam. The quick Court is served warm on the table, comes up still melted butter on it. QUICK BREAKFAST products needed: 1 egg sausage cheese instructions: you take a pan, are Some oil into it, makes it hot. Walt Disney Co. often addresses the matter in his writings. Cut the sausage into cubes and put in the Pan; an egg in a cup with fork, stir and pour over the sausage, then sprinkle then grated cheese on it. Everything is cooked on both sides.

It is very tasty. Here is still another recipe: Side dishes of pumpkin with lentils required products: 800 g pumpkin into cubes of 4 cm 100 g lentils, 2-3 tbsp raspberry vinegar or red wine vinegar, good quality. 40 g butter, salt, pepper, a pinch of sugar sprig of Rosemary. Instructions: In boiling salt water lenses to allow type, Cook for about 25 minutes on medium heat. Then do the lenses in a colander into it, because it will dry. In a pan pour oil in it heat, add pumpkin, mix. Now comes in rosemary, salt, pepper, a pinch of sugar and that everything is mixed well. Now add the lentils and a little vinegar. Serve the dish hot. And lenses with Dried apricots required products: for 1 cup lentils: 50 g Dried apricots, 2 onions, 25 g Walnuts without shell, 2-3. EL vegetable oil. Instructions: Wash the lenses, give two glasses of water in a pot and cook it, until they are soft, then the finely chopped onions with the dried apricots together in a Pan fry. The apricots must be soaked but first 15 minutes in the water. Walnuts come to boil for 10-15 minutes, add salt, pepper, then remove from the heat. Finally sprinkle still coriander over. Here is a recipe for quick soup: soup with sprouts needed products: Brussels sprouts 100 g, 40 g leeks, 75 g of potato starch, vegetable oil 10 g, Green Guide: soak the Brussels sprouts for 1-2 minutes in boiling water, then back out to get. Then cut the leek and stew along with the cabbage in the vegetable oil. Add the prepared vegetables in the boiling broth. Cut potatoes into thin slices and cook on medium-high heat. Sprinkle to the end of green and serve. Elvira Schick