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The Coffee Of Today


Coffee has become a luxury food of everyday. Modern coffee is no longer sold by women in the crop in good-smelling shops and then lovingly home ground and brewed. Modern coffee comes in the Office depending on the demand on push of a button from a vending machine. With companies like the drink O mat, you can quickly and easily rent coffee machines or buy over the long term for the Office. So anyone at any time can be every drink, after which he is entitled to the sense.

And through the commercial component of the coffee shop the whole thing keeps priced absolutely within the framework. You can order directly from the relevant company and receive all goods at wholesale prices. So each Cup will cost a few automatically around the entire procedure can be reduced to a button for the desired beverage. Not only the employees look forward, if they just with a hot emerging midday fatigue SIP coffee or tea can – fight also for customers and you can score as business partners. The secret of the modern generation of coffee machines is Instant technology.

The machine is filled with staggeringly powder, which is immediately transferred to the desired product with warm water. So you can make one by one without any problems bags soups, espresso and cappuccino, without having the machine gets messed up. Also the durability of the products is definitely higher than, for example, in fresh powder – and so extremely high, the procedure is also space-saving, so drink lots of opportunities in a comparatively small machines can be offered. Because instant products but also be prepared, they taste just as fresh as even brewed coffee and the selection leaves nothing to be desired. Andreas Mettler

Start In The Fast Lane: Tonino Lamborghini Energy Drink


Tonino Lamborghini energy drink launch in Germany, Austria and Switzerland Hanover, August 10, 2009. Red Bull & get serious competition as previously already successfully implemented in other countries now also here a racy Italian to overtake co.: it is the Tonino Lamborghini energy drink that comes on the market these days in Germany. The new drink carries the famous name of Tonino Lamborghini, son of Ferruccio Lamborghini, who founded the Lamborghini factory in the late 1960s. Innovators ApS in Denmark signed a global licensing agreement with Tonino Lamborghini, to bring the energy drink on the market. Powerful and elegant, the new energy drink now inevitably attracts the attention on himself: first there is the cans design eye-catching Gold Orange, that clearly expresses the connection to Tonino Lamborghini and its uncompromising attitude.

And emblazoned in the Center special recipe as always the world-famous logo with the bull on a red shield unique fruit-flavored energy drink is truly Italian lifestyle and enhances all life forces: he sharpens the senses with its extraordinary formulation, activates the mind and enhances physical performance at the same time generally. Jeffrey L. Bewkes: the source for more info. The fruity sensual taste apples and berries is also unique. Tonino Lamborghini energy drink”contains, like all energy drinks, caffeine in high doses (32 milligrams per 100 milliliters) and also four important vitamins including performance-enhancing B group (B6, B12). Of course, the drink meets the strict specifications of the German food law. The Tonino Lamborghini energy drink”is available in Cafes, clubs and discos and selected supermarkets now. About Tonino Lamborghini Tonino Lamborghini launched his own business in 1981 and developed his first Watch collection. Nobel-lifestyle brand created by him is available for more than 25 years for a unique style, the power and elegance combines with creative engineering.

The wide range of products ranging from apparel and fashion accessories, perfume and furniture to bicycles and gourmet specialities. More information under: printable picture material at:… Sales in Germany by LeoCom trading: press contact: Aufgesang public relations GmbH Peter Monday Brown str. 6A 30169 Hannover Tel.: 0511-923999-17 E-Mail: