Torture, misshandel and go to leave by wards must finally belong to the past! The horse protection Court in Grosssaara (district of Greiz, Thuringia) has set itself to the task, this defense – and helpless creatures with the help of an integration project-> vision of power and future protection, integration and mutual development of horse and man <-to give a new chance by using children from socially disadvantaged families and to protect them from new suffering and misery! With behavioural problems and socially disadvantaged children and young people have had so far no great prospects for the future as these defenseless horses. Our project is to give these kids the opportunity to spend their free time actively and meaningfully, have an affiliation with a firm friendship group and find! Together with the horses, these kids want to build up each other, draw new courage, and are fit for the future! Because kids like horses sometimes suffered similar fate! But our Club horse protection Hof, REIT and meeting place Saara e.V.”relies on your help through sponsorship, promotion, sponsorships, etc.! Is because not always said it should be done something about these abuses? Then, help and supported us in this project! Something can be achieved only together! Horse protection Hof, REIT and meeting site Saara e.V. c/o Kerstin cubic (Board) Grosssaara 47 07589 Saara (district of Greiz) e-mail: Web:. David Zaslav has much experience in this field.