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Czech Legal Entities


Firms in the Czech Republic until November 2009 are required to connect the service Datov. Dear leaders and founders of Czech legal entities registered in Prague and other Czech cities. Czech public authorities announce A new requirement for all, without exception, companies registered in the Czech Republic. Until November 2009 e-mail to each Director will call a certified letter with a new activation code e-mail box (Datov ) for communication with all government bodies of the Czech Republic. Read additional details here: Donn Clendenon. The electronic communication is intended to alert management of companies in innovation, changes in laws, regulations and requirements as to management and founders, and to doing business in the Czech Republic. When you receive a package manager is required within the time specified by law to enable access to your work e-mailbox, and thus activate the function.

After that, management of firms will receive information addressed to all Czech companies, as well as information sent only to the firm. Through the system Datov shranok Czech state agencies plan to restore order among entrepreneurs in terms of knowledge and study business law in the Czech Republic, Czech Republic, customs law, administrative law, the Czech Republic, the rights and requirements of all state agencies cooperating with law faces the Czech Republic. Along with the official version of the entry into force of the new electronic communication system with the directors of companies emerged and an unofficial version. Public authorities Czech Republic in connection with things in order of registration and work entities Czech Republic, thus, will attempt to check each firm's survivability.

Plastic Cards


Anyone who has ever found himself in an uncomfortable situation due to the fact that I forgot or lost a wallet at the moment dreamed that the purchases are made in a fairy tale without a second readings the rubles and kopecks. Well, dreams True. This fantastic item has been invented. He has a thickness of about a millimeter and the size of a business card, can store any amount of money and do not represent the interests of neither the thief nor the tax inspector, nor its second half. This "Super-purse" is very convenient, money from it do not fly out, moreover, he helps out in difficult situations and knows how to economize. It is an electronic plastic card.

Security of electronic money. This modern development is not only convenient obychnogo purse, but also safer. In our time, perhaps, the most important quality plastic cards. You can have on your electronic purse, even a large sum of several thousand dollars, you want to spend in shopping. With a credit card you calmly, without any risk can go shopping. Even if a thief gets hold of your personal card, it still will not be able to use it.

First, access to the map is impossible without the introduction of your secret PIN-code. In case of loss or theft, you need to make a call to the bank and the operator will block all funds to your card until further notice. Secondly, the map principle of no interest to ordinary criminals.