You are not party to the scene, and conductor, on which everything depends, but nobody knows it. People think that they themselves find solutions themselves to implement them, you do get what you need, namely, solving the problem. How is the problem? Through conversation! If you want to do something in a large scale – repeat this for a large audience, many times and always find someone who sells your decision. But just as well and there is a crisis. Someone has deliberately false information. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City brings even more insight to the discussion.

Crisis in the country, anywhere in the world crisis. The more times this statement repeated on a larger audience, the faster it will believe it. It is clear that the words themselves are not enough. In order for this to work, you must beat at least one more familiar with the process of its rut. For example: remove a certain amount of money from circulation, or vice versa to bring to bear an additional amount of money. As a consequence of these actions arise not familiar consequences that are associated with of course with crisis. To you this has long been talked about, but you would not believe. I had to take the final step – to prove your same personal experience.

To you yourself were convinced of what you have been warned. Everything – the result is achieved. Next comes chain reaction. People are starting to collect the money from the banks, the banks naturally do not have them, and can not have.