In diagnosing cancer it is melting Hutter village only together strongly – each disease – especially cancer – is bad not only for the patient; it affects the family It begins a difficult time of suffering and tears. This time impresses everyone, but still the relatives should give up everything and sacrifice themselves. No interested parties want this and it would also not be appropriate.A good mixture of care and normality in everyday life is the key. Each person gets a shock when he gets the diagnosis of cancer. Life gets completely out of hand. Not only the patient is desperate, but also his whole environment such as family or friends.

Diagnosis raises at all feel that a world collapses. Nothing is more as it once was. Each affected differently bypasses with the diagnosis: some lapse in somber silence and retreat, until they have overcome the initial shock, and others want to be just alone now and talk about it. Nationals should the patient gently to speak to whether he would like to talk about his illness. The fear is dominant at all involved.

This is it however particularly important that members meet the patient as normal as possible and not cramped silence to allow to. Insofar as it is possible, the ordinary everyday process should be held upright, and the disease not the topic number one be made. As far as it goes, you should integrate with the patient in all joint activities and if he just sits and watches. “It should suggest the patient any negative phrases that always remind him of his illness, as for example you’re sick, I’m doing this for you”. Parent care is pushing into deeper the patient in his illness and he feels no longer used and patronized. Anyone who should be aware: being ill does not mean no longer being able to take part in the everyday life and to be incapable of decision. It is also very important that it accompanied the sick by his heavy therapies and him to the Page is available. Relatives and patients can together find alternative treatment options, which provide relief during therapy. As should nationals take negative statements by others not to heart and give them no hearing. Only through a joint cooperation to defeat this disease. You must bear in mind that nowadays many types of cancer are curable and the rate of recovery in certain types of cancer is very high. Therefore, cancer is not to be equated with a death sentence. If children are in the family, you should talk with them openly, because they have a very pronounced sensitivity and noticed something wrong. You should keep in mind that children are more stable than people think and easier to cope with it if they know the truth. The therapies can be sometimes very lengthy and gradually they move with the time in everyday life. Proper conduct of members and by the love that you give the patient, a great healing can contribute to. Security, Sympathy, not exaggerated care and understanding are an important support for each cancer patient. But there comes the time where the cancer defeated and the last therapy is over. If one has survived in such a difficult time, the cohesion in a huge way has grown and you know how much you can be together, and together you can overcome everything. Families need to stick together, because only in the cohesion of the success lies. “Sylvia Poth and Jessica dog (copyright)