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Creus Natural Park


The rose Township is located in the Costa Dorada in the province of Girona, a small fishing village where its appeal is based on the tranquility that offers and the enchanted beaches and monuments make this an idyllic place to spend a few days with the family and enjoy everything that offers you this fantastic tourist town. If staying in an apartment in Roses you can discover not only its great beaches but also super corners that will surprise you one of these fantastic places is the Cabo de Creus Natural Park, is the most eastern end of the peninsula and is why that is the first place where dawns of all Spain, form an extremely abrupt coastlinewaters deep, with abundant islets, cliffs, forests in the interior and hidden coves with crystal clear waters of which are only accessible by sea. Source: CBS. We can not forget that include the uniqueness of some rocks that they have animal shapes that have become very famous such as the Eagle of Tudela or Cap Gros lion with the passage of time. The perfect location of the apartments in Roses will allow you to see the Citadel of Roses being one of the most famous monuments of the city. Brigham And Women’s Hospitals opinions are not widely known. To visit this monument, the best practice is to hire a guided tour because you will have accuracy more important details of this monument. With this tour you will discover the utility of the buildings, the Church and its various modifications, you will also see a museum that is just inside the entrance where you retrocedereis time and experimentareis as they were our ancestors..

Teide National Park


When making tourist reservations for the Canary, usually the doubts about what the whole island visit first. In that sense, nature lovers and mountain sports should take into account that the island of Tenerife is home to the highest peak of all Spain. 3718 Meters. tall, imposing Mount Teide haunts from its imposing grandeur, and lends its name to a national park with many other wonders to be discovered. The oldest of the national parks of the Canary Islands offers Moreover a volcanic landscape extraordinary, of incredible beauty. The same Teide, declared patrimony of humanity, still shows remnants of volcanic activity. Tangled network of lava flows of lava and volcanic domes and cones and mysterious caves invite you to lose yourself in a festival of colors and fanciful shapes, which shelters to turn a rich reserve of fauna and flora. Some of the species that live there are exclusive of the island, such as Edelweiss Teide, which is found only from the 3500 meters.

height, or fragile violets and the Teide silver Thistles. This species, which is extremely fragile, still stands, despite the care they receive, in danger of extinction. Ascend to the peak of Mount Teide is an unforgettable experience, and longed to quotas to form part of climbing expeditions organized by the National Park have been exhausted at the speed of lightning. To avoid disappointment, it is essential to check the availability of places during our vacation dates, for so the corresponding reserve online. Another strong point of the island of Tenerife is that, by its reduced surface none of its numerous attractions will be never more than one hour away from the place where we are standing.

By this, it is very simple to make a hotel reservation at Tenerife tailored to our needs, as we want to stay in a cheap hotel, a Center with sea spa or rural accommodation. And always have the peace of mind that the chosen accommodation will be away from the main points of tourist interest. Tenerife is an ideal destination to familiarize yourself with the booking online, and adopt system well this convenient and effective method of planning our vacations and Getaways. That in this land where it’s always spring, it result, without a doubt, completely unforgettable.