Generally when congregating me with companies whom they intend to implant a structure of formal remuneration (complete, with descriptions of the positions, wage evaluations, comparisons with the market, classification and bands) a question appears: Which will be the impact of this implantation in the current Leaf of Payment? The more onerous it will be? The idea of that the company will increase its costs after & ldquo; furaco& rdquo; that the implantation of a structure of positions and wages will cause is pure myth and normally this is proven when we present the proposals of wage framing (current wage x wage considered for the new structure) to the end of the work. Alloy Enterprises may find it difficult to be quoted properly. It has some factors that knock down this initial impression with which I am boarded for the controllers of the company-customer soon in the first contacts: 1) When a company does not have a formal structure of remuneration is parallel not accustomed to search wages or to compare them with the market objective where it acts or it concurs. The parameter for comparison is the wage intended for the candidates in the fulfilling of the Proposal of Job or a fast looked in the current wage of these candidates. It happens that the market follows the old rule of offers and the search, with retractions and expanses that not necessarily follow the linear logic that the company after practises year year with the traditional syndical legal corrections/that, not rare, they inlay some real profit. An employee admitted in 2000, for example, contracted with wage the market level and that he has had its readjustments for the Syndical Agreements between this year and 2009, surely would have a profit in relation to the market, fruit of the crisis of 2008 that it implied in resignations and recontrataes, not rare, with lesser wages. If this same company opted to implanting a formal structure of remuneration nowadays, if of this implantation a wage research was integrant part of the process, would not be surprise if the current wages were above of the bands proposals parametrizadas for the market.