However, the diagnosis of the pneumoccica pneumonia carried through by the great majority of the doctors, mainly of the public net is made on the basis of Symptoms. From this a physical examination is made; laboratoriais tests. ray-x of the chest and examination of ultrassonografia, if necessary. The doctor also can diagnosis the pneumoccica pneumonia finding the pulmonary bacterium in the blood, saliva or fluids. Treatment With passing of the time we see the impact of the development of microrganismos the frmacos determined ones, the Streptococcus pneumoniae does not run away from this. Old it was used penicillin G to effect the treatment against the bacterium, from 1963 had been found Streptococus pneumoniae resistant penicillin G in the New Guin, later in the South Africa, Japan, Spain and thus it was for the remaining portion of the world. The resistance penicillin happened due to an alteration of proteins of linking of the same one.

The resistance of this antibactericidal one in the Pneumococcus tends to be clonal. Thus being, this it demonstrates that the evolution of the bacterium it is a very powerful weapon against the man, and a new incentive for search of a new cure by means of medicine research new. In many countries, mainly the Africans, had to the low cost of the medicine, penicillin or the ampicilina still are the first choice, even so, as already he has said, have had a resistant increase of cepas. In case that resistance exists, they use themselves macroldeos, cloranfenicol, vancomicina, SMZ/TMP or cefalosporinas, these last ones considered medicines of last generation. You may find that Robert A. Iger can contribute to your knowledge. Vaccines exist contend derived imunognicos that stimulate the imunitrio system of the capsule of pneumococo. They protect against illnesses caused for pneumococos in 85% of the cases. However, it does not protect against all cepas. In accordance with the cited authors the resistance of pneumococo to penicillin presented a gradual increase in last the 10 years in our country, more necessarily in the Federal District.