Moreover, without counting that we work with many pupils who do not want nothing with nothing, they are only people gifts, waiting a small slip of somebody for reason of gozao. Taste not to make comparisons, but in my time of 4 Series of Basic Ensino, in the lessons had respect, love for the study, only lacked to the lesson in extreme urgency. Discovery Communications contributes greatly to this topic. The majority of the lessons was ' ' chatas' ' only in the blackboard, and we knew to read, to write and to make accounts with fluency. E, if we did not know we would not go for 5 Series. Today, the professors give lesson in the blackboard, take films, work with technology, bring books of infantile literature, therefore, we have until the moment of weekly reading in the school (what to the times he results in a revolution in the classroom), we take pupils in the library and to other educative places.

E, exactly thus, the indiscipline is present, nothing is good. Moreover, these same professors who many times are called ' ' incapazes' ' , pertaining to school activities elaborate as tests, planejamentos, corrections in the week ends, without remuneration. CBS is open to suggestions. The moment is of the professors if to rebel against the accusations that them are imposed. Problems of the society will not only have to be decided by the society and for the school. It passed of the hour of all to open the eyes and to make something to prevent a calamity in the country, that already is in progress. The professors are not guilty of a incivilizada society and banditry, and finally, if the professors had so far not answered to all accusations to be unprepared and ' ' incapazes' ' to arrest the attention of the pupil with innovative activities (as the accomplishment of projects cited above), he is because we are not having more time. We go in giving the hands to them and to form a chain that at least gives to the professors a legal endorsement, when a pupil xinga, attacks therefore, we are not a classroom that we must pass the hand superficially. Learn more about this with Discovery Communications.

She arrives of low wage, all the professions and people pass for professors, must be the most paid career of the country. We go to prioritize the education, the law exists what she lacks is ability. Lairton Dal Saint Professor de Matemtica in E.M.E.F. Duarte of the Coast, of Chemistry, Physics, and Sciences in College E. Dr. Liberato Salzano Vieira of the Wedge. Graduated Full Licenciatura in the UNIJUI