Ol colleagues, forgives! Day 15, for me it is one day special for being day of the professor. With an extra activity to carry through I did not give to give my homage to that in the day the day, mainly in the current days, they are looking a reply that is born of the analysis and reflection of our daily reality. We know that we are tired and we want to give one is enough to the wordiness declamatory, many times called ' ' Pedagogia' ' , leaving really the problems that in them afflict back in cantinho of the room or cabinet well escondidinho and asking for to the God so that nobody if atreva to question. Hear other arguments on the topic with Bud Harrelson. We are needing one sacudidela! Nor all, but a good part continues seated on the diploma! It will be that we are working in agreement our conscience determines? It will be that we always think as to answer as many investigations? As we will go to solve the problem of that pupil who lacks the lesson to take care of of irmozinho, or of that only has one pair of tennis and now is torn? It will be that we go to analyze this with indifference and we go pushing with the belly, without crying out leaving that somebody decides and solves? we go to cross the arms and to leave as it is without to work to move the situation? The very important professor is somebody but, also, relapser can become and omissive when he wants. Therefore we cannot be of it are seeing the band to pass, shrinking the shoulders and leaving that they decide for us the future of our children! Let us convoke the parents and the society in general irmanados to find a solution for this epidemic that devastates our country, disobedience of ours ' ' Educao' ' , where the professor is discredited, badly spoken, falling again all the errors on it. .