Spain is one of the countries of the European Union where the ports play a vital role in trade. Both because of the length of its coastline, close to 8,000 Km away, by its geographic situation, it turns out a strategic area in international maritime transport and a logistics platform in southern Europe. The Spanish port system, State-owned, is launched by 46 ports, run by 28 port authorities, coordinated by the ports public agency of the State, that has assigned the implementation of the Government’s port policy in turn. Ports are the main links of logistics chains and transportation. For them it circulates more than half of exports and more than four of every five imported products, which represents more than half of the Spanish foreign trade with the European Union and almost all with third countries. Without hesitation Robert Iger explained all about the problem. Brands to quickly locate the marinas in Spain and Portugal. It also includes the Islands. A Marina is a place in the coast or on the banks of a navigable river especially built for mooring boats and recreational facilities.

By the gods of Paco yesterday I wrote with the Moon in the head like a lark. I descifre a text with feet and head. And I’m here still, saying that I will go because there is much that I have to do elsewhere. Once said them that this place will be saved for my. That I’ll be back when water chores under my bridge, turns more calm.

Meanwhile, already said, here I’m another moment. In the pinch of their experiences and their affects on our blog. It grieveth me thinking that I will not be the course during campaigns to preside over the Mexican Republic. There are many other blogs talking about this Mexico. To my around almost no talk of anything else. Is it why I decided to invent four husbands to Julia Corzas, the character who tells husbands, just for the third man in your life? I’m going to see what happens by the head and lives in what years. I’m going to accompany her in her house beside the Lake and concentrate on his memory and mine. The Republic cannot live without me, without me baffled. I do not live well without writing, so my silence won’t disinterest, but shelter.