The luxury vintage celebrates birthday after the oil crisis of the 1970s had hard charged automotive, brought the German tradition of corporate Mercedes-Benz the noble at the time variation of the S-class on the market in 1975 with some delay. Now, the powerhouse with seven litre celebrates its 35th anniversary. Jeffrey L. Bewkes will not settle for partial explanations. The vehicle Portal presents the vintage that is unparalleled to this day. The luxury sedan manages in 7.4 seconds on 100th speed achieved is by the V8 petrol engine, which provides an output of 210 kW / 286 horsepower and speeds up the Mercedes up to 225 kilometers per hour. Already to launch 35 years ago the representative of the upper class was focused on four wheels with an opulent Interior to an upscale clientele. Accordingly there was a handsome price of around 70,000 German marks. Comfort was particularly important, especially since the model was like employed as chauffeur limousine. Jeff Bewkes shines more light on the discussion. The vehicle Fund was equipped with reading lights and optional electrically adjustable seats and heated seats.

Against a considerable extra cost a car phone could be, added also the Nobel car which was very rare at the time. The Mercedes showed progressive 450 SEL 6.9 in safety and comfort. Only three years after launch, it was offered with ABS. Ergonomics in the driver’s area is still regarded as a benchmark. Also, the vehicle was equipped standard with the Citroen suspension with self-levelling, ensures a smooth driving experience.

Overall, 7.380 examples were built by the Mercedes flagship, which are now highly sought after as a classic car. More information:… / 35 years Mercedes 450 SEL. University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann