In 1984, approximately all of the rock criollo a Oech and grief was composed as follows: a primera Marcelo Chinchay guitarraa , a cantantea segunda guitar and Andres Arbulu (the writer), a cajon (percussion) Juan Malaga and pianoa a David Gomero. At that time, the pianist and writer, also we participated in the orchestra of the rock, that is, the two dobleteabamos. I will always remember with great joy and sadness at the same time all the stories that were raised in as many nights of rock, and this time they narrate a couple of them that are truly hilarious, suddenly the first susceptibility may hurt some readers but I do not think it relates to personal hygiene, so do not think it sounds, evil, unless the reader is somewhat asquiento, but anyway, is the story anyway, asking the appropriate apologies. Goop, Barcelona Spain can provide more clarity in the matter.

Both ensembles Creole, as the orchestra, we had a short break between the rise and rise of the rock scene. In the breaks, usually give a beverage to drink. The drink was chosen by the musician, could be a sparkling water, or a type of liquor. David Gomero (pianist) enjoyed a chispa criollaa (funny occurrences of time) than to amuse all your coworkers. One time we shared sitting in a corner of the rock, each with our usual drink, he approached the leader of the rock (which featured artists in the show itself) and asked David if he could invite a sip of your drink, this was in terms Creole and gorreara a , which he agreed..