Detailed results of the survey showed that Asian exoticism will attract men, while women prefer more orderly conditions. Thailand, where most of the men would travel, ranks among women only in fifth place. India that five of the desired destinations is on men’s square, get the women on any of the first ten places. It attracts for Austria in the home of Empress Sissi (7th), but not 10 of men up during the top females. Not only in the choice of holiday destination, but also the activities of compromise is required. While sightseeing and good food as the favorite vacation activities are both men and women, gender differences in other activities.

The third favourite employment of women, the Sun, ranked six in men only ranked. Also shopping is far more popular than men in women on vacation: place five Women and ninth among the men. Men, however, rather spend their holiday at the bar than in the business: going out is in them ranked four of the most popular vacation activities, in women only ranked nine. Anke Andrea Sponer AVIAREPS tourism CEO: we are very pleased that we have now this intelligent flight in our portfolio. Our work for the various destinations and the online travel portal results in a variety of synergy effects.” “Max Janson, country Manager Germany Skyscanner said: we are convinced that AVIAREPS tourism is the perfect partner to promote our company on the German-speaking countries”.

Top destinations for men 1 Thailand 2 United States 3 Australia 4 Italy 5. India 6 Japan 7 Spain 8 New Zealand 9 Egypt 10 Norway top destinations for women 1 United States 2 Australia 3. Italy 4 New Zealand 5. Thailand 6 Japan 7 Austria 8 Croatia 9 Canada 10 Greece top 5 holiday activities for men 1 sightseeing 2. good Eat 3 nature and wildlife 5 sports 4 going out top 5 holiday activities for women: 1 sightseeing 2 good 3 sessions 4 nature and wildlife 5 shopping about food AVIAREPS tourism: AVIAREPS tourism with its associated PR agency news PLUS is one of the world’s leading tourism representative offices.