Did you know that inside of us there is something called inner self, you did not know is when you know that everyone has an inner self, or subconscious, and is responsible to tell us how and what to do according to circumstances, is the that tells us what time to eat, sleep, get up, relax, walk, stay alert, etc. As an example you can see in yourself that you walk your inner self only when indicated, and then start walking without effort, since knowledge of walking already purchased and is an automatic thing, which cost us a lot of work at first, but now it is very easy to walk. As this example there are many and just as simple as they acquire knowledge, our inner self is the one responsible to use that knowledge and put it into practice depending on what is to be conducted at the time, so it is important to be continuously learning and practicing so that with continued use automatic performance of our inner self and thus be able to apply the knowledge acquired. Did you know that everything we do is related to a sale, whether from birth we are constantly selling, as an example. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jeffrey L. Bewkes. Our mother from birth sells us his love in return for a smile, a caress or some gesture that makes you feel good about the sale of that love.

Did you know that in the dictionary says that a sale is when you perform an exchange may be tangible or intangible, like the love that we sell our mother .. So with this I hope you understood that everything in life is related to a sale and that every human being has an inner self which is what moves us to sell better then either a service, an article and even love, must learn to sell, so we learned to walk we must learn to sell, and if you learn simple techniques and steps to selling quality you will find everything that you want because the learning and teaching to the inner self in automatically be able to turn around your life, your inner self will take care of you’re the best salesman in the world and to achieve success, whether in love, at work, in business, family and not even with friends. I wish you much success..