Still do not know the tightening of the agent policies for the distribution of financial services products and the introduction of the documentation requirement makes some financial advisors to create what many financial services providers. The significant overhead and new changes of VermVersV cause that the administrative burden of some advisers has increased greatly. “Many lone and insurance intermediaries have a hard time, the requirements for a clean or installation – and investor-friendly advice was to keep.” The requirements for a competent advisor have grown sharply. Connect with other leaders such as Comcast here. Software that meets the current requirements of the market and the legal regulations is essential. We focus on innovative software solutions that facilitate administrative operations consultants, offers customers a comprehensive retirement planning and life financial planning, and automatically provides documentation of consulting.”so Marco Terracciano, Managing Director of best finance asset management. In ongoing discussions with industry colleagues, we have the following noted: it is known that a further modification of the regulation on insurance mediation and advice (short VersVermV) comes just a few. We would like to point out on this occasion that brokers as of 1 March 2010 need to extend their initial information VersVermV according to 11 an indication of the maximum price for calls made from mobile networks.

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Away from the “weekend – insurance agent” and down to installation – and investor-friendly advice to the best of our knowledge and belief. Holistic retirement planning and consulting exclusively tailored to the goals and desires of the customers. We owe all of the clients that!”so Marco finally Terracciano. Publisher: Best finance asset management Marco Terracciano Konigstrasse 26 70173 Stuttgart Tel.: + 49 (0) 711 / 18 567-406 email: