The first positive signs to the crisis are visible. Potsdam, February 28, 2011, tourism is without question of one of the most important positive factors in the still ongoing financial crisis. This crisis has had not only adversely affect the society in Greece, but made also a rethinking in the minds of most players in the Greek tourism: it has now understood and learned from the mistakes of the past. For more information see this site: Leslie Moonves. Advance booking trend evolved positively according to media reports in Greek newspapers of the President of the Hellenic Hotel Federation, Andreas of Abdulraheem, said that the trend of advance bookings is positive than in the previous year. Especially tourists from England showed an increase of 10 percent, with travellers from Russia by 20 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. From Germany, the negative trend on up to 3 percent could now in the plus be turned. Cheaper hotel rates as well as the planned growth of the flight capacity of low-cost carriers have helped.

Several flight seats and destinations for Greece According to data of the Ministry of culture and tourism, the flight schedules of low-cost airlines for the Greek airports for the summer season were expanded 2011: an increase of offered flights to 7.6% (absolute: 13.963 flights) or offered seat capacity to 2.210.704 seats corresponds to an increase by 6.9 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. Overall, this means approximately 1.1 million jobs more than in the previous year. According to Greek destinations yields the following picture a regional analysis: Chios + 202,0% Achelous/Volos + 125.8% Araxos in the western Peloponnese + 69.0% Kefallonia Skiathos + 44,4% + 35.5% Kos Mykonos + 29.3% + 21.0% Corfu Thessaloniki + 18.4% + 15.2% Rhodes + 13.5% KARPATHOS + 11.7% Mytilini (Lesvos) + 8.0% Samos + 6.7% Kalamata + 6.0% of Heraklion on Crete + 5.0% Zakynthos + 4.0%. Santorini + 0.4% the capacity of flight to Athens however 4% reduced. More originality and eco-friendliness has an ambitious project with innovative ideas “the Greek hotel Chamber called: experience the original Greek breakfast in the hotels”. So you want to improve the competitiveness of the Greek gastronomy as an interface between tourism and agriculture establish and market.

For this purpose, current consumer trends such as Mediterranean diet and organic products are taken into account. First measures are already planned: from 01. Until March 31, the 1st Gastronomy Festival is in Paris”instead. Here, four Greek regions (Corfu, Crete, Rhodes, and CHALKIDIKI) present traditional recipes. The Deputy Minister of culture and tourism George Nikitiadis, stressed the importance of the green’ tourism ‘ and pointed out the unused potential. A support program for hoteliers in the life was launched from the Ministry, so that they can attract new customers by environmentally-friendly and energy-saving services. The Greek National Tourism Organisation (EOT) is converted according to stlv. Minister Nikitiadis located Renovation process of the EOT in full swing: the role of the Greek Tourism Organization both inward as well as outward change is designed with more customer-centric, more efficiency, higher productivity. The first steps have already been taken. In Germany alone, the previous four offices (Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and Frankfurt) be reduced to one in Frankfurt. The headquarters for the region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland will be moved from Frankfurt to Vienna. The Greek tourism industry has still a long way to go, their competitiveness through restructuring measures to recover. All tourism stakeholders in Greece are required to demonstrate their performance.