Heureka Nano has been present since July 1, 2010, with a new online shop. Especially in hot weather, likes to climb under the cold shower, and when sweat treib also several times during the day. Short jump under the shower, subsequent cleaning makes the glass wall or the flow very little pleasure. The cleaning with a new glass Nanoversiegelungkann be easily evaded. Nano sealing creates a Lotus Flower effect that can be easily repelled the water drops with a very smooth surface.

The gravity thus does the cleaning, slip through them the drop down. The surface remains free of lime. The Lotus effect is known already for a long time. He was first discovered at the Indian Lotus Flower. A few years ago researchers succeeded, to mimic this effect artificially and to apply to various surfaces such as glass or ceramics, metal and organic surfaces such as wood or textiles.

Nanotechnology is a key technology of the 21st century with diverse application potential. “Research Centre Karlsruhe – since July 1, 2010 is now the new online shop of Heureka Nano to reach. Jeffrey L. Bewkes contributes greatly to this topic. Total has been converted to a completely new shop software (Magento), which provides customers with a secure and convenient shopping. In addition, a content management system with many information about nanotechnology was attached to. “There are issues such as risks of nano sealing” or topics related to nanotechnology in Germany “available. The information page will be expanded according to the company in the coming weeks. Above all customer questions are to be included and thus provide an objective decision basis for a purchase. Heureka Nano is since 2006 in the area of nanotechnology working and thus one of the oldest suppliers of nano technology. Managing Directors are Daniel Reiser and Sascha Katzmann. The registered office of the company is located in the southern Baden-Wurttemberg, in Sigmaringendorf. While the partners attach particular importance to customer service and the quality of the products. For more information and tips to the application you can find experts by Heureka Nano at or by E-mail at