The penitential act can also be noticed that these parties bring as to walk bare-footed, kneel, rocks in the head They are interesting aspects that they show as the faith catholic mixes other elements serves of instrument to characterize the national folklore. What if it searchs with this penance is to erase the sins trying suffers in the same way that Jesus would have suffered, crying, suffering in way to the multitude that the romeiro tries with this to participate actively of the ceremony. Each religious event keeps different forms of as to express its faith in some religious celebrations the emotivo side of the faithful when brightening up is notable its pain ahead of what it to believe: ' ' The emotivo side of the religious celebrations consists of one faceta of the great relevance for the understanding of the direction of the mstico universe of the religiosidade (…). For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jack Buckingham has to say. Elements as identity, feeling and sensitivity permeiam the sphere religiosa' '. (SAINTS, 2010, p.177). The historical memory of a people must pass for a period of valuation so that a bigger interest of the cultural values of the past occurs.

thanks to the folklore can be studied and be understood these memories. The religion in the folclrico field shows one vision of the past in real time through the enlargement of the memory of a people in relation to its customs/devotion: ' ' the participation of the loaded romeiros of the andor Mr. of the Steps. One is about people who participate of the solemnity have three decades more than, always loading on the shoulders the weighed one andor of the devocional image. These worshippers in deriving of are varied localities, as Lizard, Itabaiana, Aracaju, Laranjeiras, Alagoinhas and of They are Cristovo. What it joins these participants is fact to make question to follow cortejo processional loading weighed charola, always in the same position side with its friends of f' '.