fideAS sign 2.0 also communications signed a new version of their signature solution fideAS sign has applied security GmbH in early June unveiled. With significantly extended functionality, the software now allows the integration of digital signatures in a variety of other applications. In version 2.0, the signature solution in the future has a number of additional features. Thus, it has received not only a different user interface, but also a completely new program design. Future communications and E-Mail attachments can be fitted thus files also according to the SOAP (simple object access protocol) standard with a digital signature.

These improvements a new route concept that underlies fideAS sign 2.0 were possible. To the user defines the respective beginning and endpoints of a processing line. It establishes, where are located the original data and in what form they provided is to be used with electronic signature. With version 2.0, the data must now couldn’t get it out Come and again placed in these directories. Possible signature lines are also emails or SOAP connections into consideration. With this concept, fideAS sign provides a convenient solution for various application scenarios. So you can integrate digital signatures easily in applications central for the business process. Where so far in several stages first files had to be digitally signed and then sent by E-Mail to the intended recipient, fideAS sign done fully automatically via a mail route.

That much easier, for example, the creation and sending of electronic invoices. Thus, the entire work process is significantly more profitable. The comfortable control of the digital workflow is one of the capabilities of the new version of fideAS sign. This processes can now simply be managed on the intranet. The automatic signature of each processing step via a SOAP-route across then ensures the full traceability of every single action. Not only visually is a profit the new user interface. You integrated the entire functional scope of fideAS sign into a Web tool and makes even more pleasant and cleaner to work. Who wants to get a first impression of the enhanced functionality and improved clarity, can download sign in the download section of the apsec website a free demo version of the new fideAS.