Real estate in Germany a proven business model recently headlined the magazine capital Forum “: the real estate trading is one of the most lucrative businesses of our time”. Reason enough to take a look behind the scenes of this asset class and fills of yield concept. Experts agree: contrary to some international trend, the German real estate market is expanding. One reason is visible by looking at the price levels in comparable cities in America, Asia and Europe: is currently cheap German concrete gold compared to the metropolis. Contact information is here: Joel and Ethan Coen. Return-oriented, mainly Anglo-Saxon opportunity Fund but also some German real estate specialists such as the fairvesta group of companies have recognized these market signals have long been un stock up with residential or Gewerbeimnmobilien. These foreign and German Renitejager buy cheap and sell the objects as soon as possible at a profit. The fairvesta concept: In the real estate sales profits serve as additional yield suppliers.

So far, it is often not widely known that investors in German real estate funds can benefit several ways. On the one hand they are involved in which right from the beginning of the investment in a respective real estate on the resultant rental income, on the other hand also on the margin in the resale of keyword: buy cheap, sell expensive again. The fairvesta Group acquires real estate often far below the market value, namely systematically in special situations, for example by Auffanggesellschaften, bankruptcies, foreclosures, or also by communities. The successes so far achieved in the real estate can be. The fairvesta is specialized to acquire real estate forced situation and these provide the regulated real estate market. Currently, the fairvesta holds 711 residential and commercial units in all Germany in stock. The average purchase price was rental area, which based on the market value including all closing costs is a 49.74 percent factor to 354 euros per square meter. fairvesta all objects at less than was able to acquire so on average half market value.

Based on the current rental yield an average is 12.39 percent. While the fairvesta was able to purchase properties with a market value of 18.3 million at a yield of 14,84 percent alone in December. Of course sold in 2007 also a variety of objects with corresponding premiums. The average marketing time of sold real estate from the fairvesta stock was at about 19 months.