If you live in this world you have repaired that the campaigns of easy credit fast are for all the side and are of an extreme aggressiveness. In all the medias they are gifts, what it leads to believe that at this moment of fragility world-wide econmica great indebtedness, these companies of I credit are to live its Eldorado, therefore they invest in advertising as never it was seen in the past. Many of these campaigns appear until invisible come already associates the promotion of new products that in are offered to the installments ‘ ‘ acessveis’ ‘. Every day, we are displayed to these campaigns where in products are offered that we do not need we lack but that they appeal to the consumption, and that when acquiring these products we will go to get some type of evidence before the others. In these campaigns, nor always the effect is immediate, for times our defenses tries appeals to ignore it to the consumerism, but a’ ‘ semente’ ‘ it is placed in our mind, and it will tend to grow with passing of time. When the desire of if acquiring certain product reach its maximum level, we lower the guards and already we are made use to buy that luxury good for an installment low. Not even we give in them to the work of to select how much we would pay less if we made the credit next to a bank, therefore this will give more work and demands a bigger effort of our part.

Many of the consumers do not want to have to wait nor of if to strengthen therefore they appeal in such a way to easy credit fast that is offered in the store. Everything what it demands an extra effort on the part of the consumer, is many times moved away and is this one of the trunfos greaters of these companies of easy credit fast e. It is made stops mandries anxious that wants that already and without very work. However the complications will be able to come later.