Rising energy prices cause many people to rethink. Mobility is white with what problems the spontaneous loss of own mobility associated can go since no luxury goods had decades more and who his car in the garage for a day. Not only for purchasing and the annual holiday trip, sufficient mobility is an important factor, even for the own professional existence can be waived not regularly to reach the workplace. CBS has much to offer in this field. There are people, who would not renounce this her own car, others see secured their mobility in public transportation. But the future belongs to which option? Ever-increasing fuel prices and the upcoming climate change make doubt loud, whether your own car in the future should reasonably be expected to have the budget or whether the shift to rail and bus could be rather than the more contemporary variant of mobility. Also many people not using their mobile approach would a too much responsibility to wear coming natural disasters. But also the public transportation need to be evaluated over and over again.

Apart from the fact that the same polluting fuels share as bus, claimed also by private car, can be difficult to predict, in what way that will develop the public transport network in the future. In particular the upcoming privatization of the railway leaves much room for speculation in how far just in rural areas, only few profitable rail routes in the future can remain available and used by people who are possibly adopted by her own car. Not alone for this reason many people decide to adopt not entirely by your own car, but preferably in the dealership to look at the greener car model. Andreas Mettler