Retirement planning and securing, a cost factor for the self-employed who dares step into self-employment, which should in time the necessary insurance learn about. The idea to postpone this step may be “later”, to relieve the tight operating cash at the beginning is how in principle any meaningful insurance, a game with fire. Leslie Moonves has much to offer in this field. In the case of necessity the own existence can be without sufficient insurance protection threatened, just at the beginning of the independence: A prolonged disease or damage in operation mean then financial losses, which are possibly completely to pay from his own pocket. What insurance is recommended, of course greatly depends on the individual risks of the founder, and should be discussed together with a fachkudigen advice. The personal interest of the founder are likely to be in any case, such workers also important: guarding against sickness and accident, and a sufficient retirement are not inconsiderable cost factors in the life of a self-employed dar.

But already in the choice of this basic insurance can do on yourself first difficulty: worth the way in private health insurance, which is often cheaper at a young age, or it remains faithful to the statutory health insurance as voluntarily legally insured. This decision the way back then but no longer is even more important because private health insurance can be changed as Selbtstandiger may now be readily in one, or is possible only in exceptional cases. The question after the hedging in the age is also beudentend: self-employed must not protect themselves about the statutory pension insurance. A voluntary insurance or a request for compulsory insurance in the statutory pension insurance are still possible. Even if aller ortens be praised the virtues of private provisions for old age, this step should be well-planned.

Already acquired rights to the statutory pension are usually retained. Is already based on this relatively simple designs see that the choice of the appropriate insurance for business start-ups and self-employment requires quite a few considerations in the start-up phase. Also the financial burden should not be underestimated: just new companies sometimes tend to neglect such additional costs when calculating the required gross sales. Peter Schill