At the Shanghai motor show, according to Volvo, the interpretation has been seen of what should be the Scandinavian design with regard to saloons of high range with a prototype that deviates from the typical lines of Volvo and shows us a saloon semicoupe with a much less controversial front, Volvo Concept Universe. Does not suggest anything about, but it is possible that we are before the embryo of the future Volvo S80. For it has sought a balance between what represents at the same time, Scandinavian, so sober and functional design with something much more modernized and out of the ordinary. According to the press release, the Volvo Concept Universe seeks to illuminate that spark of desire subconsciente(palabras literales, no me lo invento) have many customers, especially those seeking a representation of high-end sedan. Have they managed it? Not what, but striking the less. Learn more on the subject from Eva Andersson-Dubin. Because we must recognize that the front of the Volvo Concept Universe is much less controversial. Not is if it will be the perspective of the image or that It is really so, but that front is anything less conventional.

The extreme curvature can be seen in the image must belong to the prototype exclusively. I at least don’t see a street car as well. The rear if it is another matter. The only thing I can say is in the vision of rear is simply precious. In this sense, designers of Volvo if that have the appearance of a coupe in a sedan like the Volvo Concept Universe. The detail of the brake lights, in the style of the Bentley Continental GT, if moved to the production model, can become a distinctive detail and that stray from the most direct competition. If we go to the interior of the Volvo Concept Universe is where we will see that we we have a real prototype.

An interior so by very nice resulting us and very futuristic, yet not enters no brand production plans. But time to time at least, in terms of infotainment and screens dominate virtually all the cockpit. All digital and everything seems removed from the future. A exquisite design for the interior but who stays in it, in a nice design exercise that will get to see in production cost. Moreover, little more you can count on, since they do not speak of new technologies in the note press or innovative or hybrid engines. Volvo Concept Universe is an exercise in design and that is how we must see.