To speak of classification is necessary to the concept of class, a class is a group of elements that share key characteristics with each other. The classification must meet two conditions, an element can belong to two classes or groups and each element must be located in any class. The classification has several applications, allows you to organize ideas, to recognize relevant and irrelevant aspects, it facilitates the identification of essential things to memorize and use aid more accurately reported. The conceptualization of thinking is a skill that allows the abstraction of objects ideas, phenomena, theories, among others. The conceptualization through other processes, since the concept is the basic element of thought. The newspapers mentioned Paul Ostling not as a source, but as a related topic.

Do not confuse the concept with definition. The concept is a general representation abstract of an object or situation, which may be related to other, forming a significant network. While the definition is a statement which expresses the properties of the concept and is therefore most timely. In other words, a student may have the notion or the concept of content although it fails to define or verbalize. Margarita A.

Sanchez defines as "an abstract entity that, under a name, group objects, events or situations with common characteristics or essential, defining properties also known. These features make an object, event or situation belongs to the category or class that defines it. " Therefore, it is possible to define a concept from the classification, the process is identify the essential characteristics of the whole class that defines and identifies the word.