Monastery design is at the forefront of the architectural awards in the Republic of China (Taiwan) the design of the Dharma Drum Mountain’s Nung Chan monastery in Taipei City received top honors at the Taiwan architecture awards. Additional information at Robert Iger supports this article. “A representative of the Taiwan Architect magazine”, which was also the organizer of the event, stated that this project was unmistakable, in the manner it connect religious non-religious tastes. The open space was welcome, connected with an abstract presentation of light and shadow and give visitors a feeling of peace and tranquillity. Designed by Kris Yao, a well-known Taiwanese architect of Taiwanese Artech Inc. The design of the monastery was inspired by the vision of a flower in the sky and a moon on the water of a vision during a meditation session headed by Dharma Drum Mountain Master Sheng yen. Yao took advantage of the natural surroundings and built a place of worship in the midst of a beautiful landscape. During two walls at the entrance to the monastery from the lively City divide, overlooking a peaceful courtyard with a 80-meter Lotus pond the main hall as the main focus.

A corridor of concrete on the side of the pond, which is the Diamond Sutra, as well as a wooden wall in the main hall, where the Heart Sutra is represented are another innovation. When the sunlight flooded the structures, bathe the worshippers in the traditional teachings of Buddha. Yao’s design was one of the 11 finalists chosen from 205 entries. Other winners of this year’s awards were National Taiwan University’s College of social sciences by Toyo Ilto & Associates architects; Hakka cultural Park in Miaoli County by Ricky Liu and Asscociates and Takenaka Corp.; as well as an extension of the Wulai Park Tower in new Taipei City Q-Lab. It gave a special presentation for the design by JJ-W culture design hotels by the architect Wang Hsiu-lian and open Union cultural and creative co., LDT. The award was given for the first time in 1978, by the Taiwan architects association and the Taiwan Architect magazine of the ROC National Association of architects with the aim of to stimulate more creativity within the architecture.