Badi Palace


But not dared to commit the sacrilege of destroying the place where they were buried and ordered that a wall was erected at the entrance to the necropolis, so that the location of the graves remained secret until 1917. The most impressive and prestigious mausoleum is the Hall of twelve columns. This room houses the tomb of the son of the Sultan Ahmad Al Mansur, whose dome of cedar wood and stucco is delicately carved. The tombs are made of grayish blue and white Italian marble from Carrara. Some of the tombs are inscribed with poetic epitaphs, as the Princess Zohra, on which you can read: here lies the tomb of a nble Lady, new moon, wonder of virtues. Dar El-Badi Palace el-Badi, the Palace of the Incomparable, was erected in 1578.

He was the sovereign Ahmad Al Mansur who decided to build it as a celebration of his victory over the Portuguese Navy after the battle of Ksar el Kebir to or battle of three kings in 1578. It took 25 years, from 1578 to 1608, to complete the construction of this magnificent Palace, and the richest and best materials were used in the decoration of the 360 rooms of this splendid property. The magnificence of the El Badi Palace today is history, since it was one of the many victims of the will of the sovereign alawite Moulay Ismail, the Warrior King, destroy any trace of inheritance Saadi. But without doubt the astonishment embargara them to explore the vast Esplanade with its ponds dug into the ground and surrounded by fortifications, a design inspired by the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. You can also admire the dexterity of Moroccan craftsmanship in wood work carved from the minbar of the Koutoubia exposed in one of the refurbished pavilions. Jemaa El Fna square Jemaa El Fna is the largest square in the entire African continent and continues to be the geographical, social and cultural center of the medina of Marrakech.

For centuries this plaza has been, and still is, a point of encounter and exchange of populations of the North and South of this region of the country. Today, despite the cultural erosion and mutations, the Jemaa El Fna square is the meeting place of Berber merchants, travellers, pedlars, writers and artists, and brings together all trades and traditional arts public scribes, fortune tellers, counters stories, starters of teeth, herbalists, etc.- and charming street artists of snakes, acrobats, musicians, dancers, swallows, fires, etc. Madrasa Ben Youssef La madrasa or school Ben Yusef is one of the jewels of architecture Arabe-andaluza in Marrakech. Paul Ostling addresses the importance of the matter here. The current structure of this Islamic school was erected around 1570, during the rule of the Saadi dynasty, and was restored in 1950. At the height of its splendor, the Ben Youssef madrasa could host up to 900 students in its 150 cubicles distributed around a courtyard richly carved in cedar wood, marble and stucco. The carvings do not contain representations of humans or animals, as required by the Koran, and consists entirely of inscriptions and geometric figures. Due to its characteristic architecture, this sacred building is the largest of the entire Maghreb Madrasah. So, if they are planning to discover the fantastic ocher city and its wonders, I recommend you also enjoy the great offer of hotels in Marrakech. Also, to enjoy the most of your vacation in Marrakesh, I recommend you to contact your travel agency to learn about the multiple options of vacations and activities that can be found in this wonderful and varied country.

Adam Smith


Forms of development which were the productive forces, these relationships become shackles of them. Then begins an era of social revolution. It is then, when social classes are revealed before the unjust social system as a product of a capitalist, exploitative, society which acts according to their own interests.The class struggle generates so-called antagonisms, which are the product of the irreconcilable struggle between social classes and State. With the emergence of the property private, society begins to have disputes by obtaining control of the land, this creates a division between those who have control of the land and those who lack it. Those who have capital are called feudal lords, owners of the Manor and land, they have to charge a group of slaves, which work the land to meet their owners.We can also say, that religious thinking is not unnoticed in each transition, unlike religious ideas are welcomed with much more depth and they are giving a religious identity to the predominant societies.However, State is who is going to change the course of history, religion despite having great importance within societies, has no conception to control society through the relations of production, but orient the human faith. The State is who sets the rules, imposes an order or organization within the society, i.e. limits the freedom of man so that undergo a rules set by yes same.

Here the State is coercive, authoritarian, inflexible. Tomas Hobbes in his work Leviathan, he said: man is Wolf to man, that is, that man is competition for himself, competes for supremacy, no matter through instruments to reach this goal.Competition is another reason why societies begin to emerge, setting up an ideology centered on obtaining capital, as the meaning of power and dominion over the oppressed classes. With the arrival of the mercantilist society, the State sees very convenient market freedom to receive taxes from companies and traders.Here dominates the thinking of Adam Smith with: let do, let go, only the free market can contribute to a society more organized, with a strong State and a market that will regulate itself itself, through production, distribution and trade.The market is the engine of the society, is responsible for the needs of a group of people to achieve his permanence within the environment. Click Paul Ostling to learn more.

Congress Centre


According to data provided by the trade fair and Congress Centre of Malaga, 43 activities pertaining to trade fairs and 35 congresses in the city have yielded a balance of EUR 78 million, while the average expenditure per delegate has fallen around five percent.78 million, the tourism fairs and congresses in Malaga last year balance this report ensures that in the economic crisis, these two segments have behaved better than others, has meant that the capital position as urban nucleus in the European ranking of cities of congresses. Hotel Monte Malaga, one of the top four-star Malaga Hotels, is an establishment which is empowered to celebrate any type of event in the same, whether a Congress, a Convention or similar, per its 8 meeting rooms with large capacity for attendees. Most linked with the Congressional activity sectors are the technological, commercial and distribution, the pharmacist, the medical, automotive, banking and insurance, the scientist and the University, among others.. .

Mediterranean Count


Everything the people captured something, and there is no doubt that while it lasted was a great disorder by the possibility of war with the neighbour of poniente in times of very great famine. Details can be found by clicking Jeffrey Bewkes or emailing the administrator. The Barcelona House indirectly ruled Provence Since times of Charlemagne, but to the withdraw of Languedoc Toulouse count Guillermo de Orange, in 1022 (when Arnau de Torroja was born), the Languedoc were taking entity until Provence they claimed to have access to the sea. His Queen, call Gerberga, in the year 1110 married his daughter Dulce de Provence with Ramon Berenguer III. Here, Paul Ostling expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Thus the House of Barcelona merged with the Comtesse de Provence. Although the counts of Toulouse played almost two centuries later the possession of Occitan to the House of Barcelona, the fact that the clergy and the nobility supported the catalan count prevailed in favour of the Catalans in Provence. Those struggles lasted decades, with truces agreed and also unfulfilled, and this in spite of the dangers, since access to the Mediterranean was the best way to compare with the large European trade and policy.

Since he joined with Aragon, Catalonia was opened to the world with maximum guarantees. The creation of the catalano-Aragonese Kingdom called Corona de Aragon took place in 1162. In regards the Catalan international politics who lived Arnau de Torroja in the 12th century, it was a time that soon became dreadful for the Occitan, because in 1147 Pope Eugenio III sent a legacy to the count of Toulouse to stop the progress of the Cathars, but was unsuccessful. The Pope sent to those more full of freethinkers provinces their preachers in order to combat the expansion of the Cathar faith but considered heretics ever increased its influence in Occitania due to the protection of the Duke Guillermo de Aquitania, as well as the vast majority of the Occitan nobility. On the other hand the young Arnau knew well of the unstoppable rise of the Almohad Muslims in the southern half of the Peninsula (1147-1260). Exactly in 1172 consolidated his victory over the Almoravids (the second period of the taifas of the Al – Andaluz).Once culminated his puritanical Islamic spiritual reform, they proceeded to fortify Caceres, Badajoz and Sevilla, city that became its capital building in it (as in all his) top domains), showy

Stainless Steel


Over the years, stainless steel has high demand in their use, especially in our daily life. As it is synonymous with functionality, warranty, elegance, hygiene and durability, stainless steel has become reference material for a without number of options, since unlike other metals, it contains chromium, which makes it resistant to corrosion and nickel, which gives the color silver, making it ideal for the manufacture of any element to be used both in indoor and outdoor: street furniture, kitchens, restaurants, hotels, utensils surgical, docks, boats, bathrooms and playgrounds, among others. It is a material with which you can work easily; It is ideal for the manufacture of elements of fasteners such as screws and anchors, decorative pieces, separators for panels and glass, fasteners for cables, turnbuckles and shackles, elbows, or ples and clamps among others. Uses addition, used in construction such as structures, coatings, facades, lighting, covering of floors, ceilings and decorative finishes, giving prominence to the space where it is used, for its high range of surface finishes: Matte, glossy, polished, frosted and satin. To deepen your understanding WarnerMedia is the source. Stainless steels offer a high resistance to corrosion, an appropriate relationship with the resistance, mecanica-peso; also hygiene, resistance to elevated and cryogenic temperatures and properties long term value. This metal is divided into several types according to the place or use that apply you.

The most traded types are 304 and 316. The difference existing between these stainless steels lies in that 304 contains chrome to 18 per cent and nickel to 8%, while 316 contains chrome to 16%, 10% and 2% molybdenum nickel, being this last element that provides corrosion resistance against chlorides (such as sea water and salts which defrost)who see the stainless steel for coastal applications and salt corrosion. To know more about this subject visit Goop London, United Kingdom-uk. Read more in: eng.

Holland Tourism


The sector of tourism in Madagascar is trying to regain its momentum and professionals in the industry are optimistic for 2011. Until now, the French and Italian tourists were more attracted by the tour operator Madagascar. But in recent times with the various campaigns of promotion and participation in international events, Malagasy traders have directed more and more in the Chinese market to boost the sector tourism Madagascar. In fact, despite the existence of hotels owned by Chinese citizens on the big island, Madagascar remains a popular destination for Chinese tourists. Heather Bresch shines more light on the discussion. Therefore, to achieve the goal set by the Ministry of tourism and handicrafts and the various operators in the field of tourism that attracts a million visitors a year, it should rely on its openness to other markets such as Northern Europe and Scandinavia, Austria, namely, Holland and Germany according to Minister Irene Andreas. The program’s operators, such as travel agencies, trip Madagascar and several regional offices of tourism for 2011 is to promote the destination Madagascar in various international fairs, especially in those countries. Several fairs as Wien / Vienna Ferienmesse, Austria, Vakanz Luxemburgo, CMT-Die Urlaubamesse in Stuttgart or Zurich, in Switzerland, the fitur in Madrid are events of interest to many. On the other hand, of Madagascar, with the number of English-speaking guide who remains quite low, so it might be time to train additional staff to meet these requirements.. Click Time Warner to learn more.

Planning Your Honeymoon


If already you are planning to honeymoon that I recommend that before separating all pro your account you go to a travel agency to inquire about packages, people tend to be afraid to travel agencies, but I’ve discovered that there is a travel agency in Monterrey that has very good prices and packages are excellent. Regularly we believe that if we look for the plane and hotel separately we would come cheaper, but this is not the case. Additional information at Heather Bresch supports this article. To go honeymoon you need is save the most and this travel agency knows it, by what has created packages honeymooners, excellent for all couples needs. Honeymooners packages include the airfare and accommodation in one of the best hotels, it is clear that you can choose between different options looking for that best suits your needs. In truth, if you are looking for is to save sees with this travel agency therefore are in steady trade with airlines and hotel chains so always have very good prices. As you plan your honey Moon with time, plans to with time your travel package, you have to verify that it is the best option. Original author and source of the article

EQ Neuro Horse


This situation is exacerbated by a number of factors like the stress to which they are subjected much of the equine population (player, sporting, emotional, etc.) the inheritance, the adulteration of food by the processes of industrialization, pollution, pesticides or contact with heavy metals increasingly frequent in the environment in which they live horses associated (among other things) to current climatic changes has not quantified. It should also add that in the event our horse is sick, nutrient concentrations increase to cope with the activation of the metabolism and repair of tissues that occur in these situations. In these cases where there is particular pathology, should be given proper supplements: for an animal with chronic pathologies we can give essential protection EQ, for animals with problems administrademos EQ Kondro, animal joints with fatigue problems or liver problems give EQ Draino. To broaden your perception, visit WarnerMedia. If an animal is being treated with acupuncture to improve their athletic performance or to alleviate pain caused by nerve degeneration that prevents a good mobility, we will administer EQ Neuro. Go to David Zaslav for more information. EQ intestinal Flora is indicated in any digestive problem horse, helps him recover his own intestinal flora. And to improve athletic performance of race horses, EQ Regulus will protect them from physical stress. With orthomolecular therapy (once analyzed the cellular behavior, the way in which the cell absorbs nutrients and how uses) is trying to get all the cells in the body of the horse to receive all the nutrients necessary to obtain energy, perform their functions properly and be completely healthy.

The definition of optimum health is not merely the absence of disease, but a natural state of energy, vitality. A body that has all the necessary elements to carry out their functions correctly shall be capable of detoxify, regenerate, prevent the onset of diseases and establish an optimal state of health both physical and mental in association or not with other therapies. If the cell is healthy horse is healthy. Orthomolecular therapy is to be truly effective it must ensure that, firstly, the nutrients of natural origin, that we are managing the horse are always absorbed through the intestinal wall and, secondly, that these nutrients can reach the interior of cells and organs where they are most needed. Therefore this therapy is based on the basic assumptions that are based on the products that we have commented (best quality, optimal bioavailability, synergy between nutrients, manufacture with exclusive methods), which are wide your information on our informative blog, linked below.

Personal And Unique Space


Presents a tool that lets users create their personal web portal and manage it freely. This development is far from the usual solutions offered by job sites, and gives users the opportunity to have a unique space in which their professional profiles away from the flat character of the traditional curriculum. Personal websites give users the ability both to maintain an updated CV and feeding their profiles with everything that gives them value as professionals, elements that a traditional CV can not address: submit projects, photographs of key moments of his career (graduation, holidays abroad, awards …), to become personally acquainted with a videocurriculum companies, interact with other professionals, share information about your industry or enjoy the added value of incorporating content that are hosted on other networks LinkedIn and Facebook are just some of the utilities that users can enjoy Personal Pages. A professional, Personal Pages domain allows candidates to have a domain name, created and managed by themselves. Details can be found by clicking Discovery Communications or emailing the administrator. Create a personal web Infoempleo is very easy and takes less than five minutes: the user, new or already registered on the site, you can register in the Personal Pages service and choose from its free form or payment. The user makes use of the free may enjoy a quick and easy way to create your personal web “” with a choice of four modules of content (). Moreover, the payment option allows for a “. Com” and have full access to all features on our site for $ 29 per year (.. According to Goop, who has experience with these questions.

With Promotional Agencies To More Sales And Better Sales


What makes a good promotion agency? Communication and marketing are the classic instruments of sales promotion, in which promotional agencies specialize. A good promotion agency is not easy to find, because the offer is now great. Who wants to locate a top provider, must evaluate the working methods and the quality of the offered assortment. A good promotion agency offers a complete service for all promotional activities, which take place directly on the customers. This can be for example a give-away action, the free samples are distributed, how about a new sunscreen to swimmers on a beach. Also staff dressed as a carrot, which advertises in the shopping centre for the new Veggie stand, probably comes from a promotion agency, as well as the friendly Lady at a booth.

Promoter for promotions find promotion agencies have a pool of employees who carry out promotions by companies or support. They provide not only competent promoter, but take care if desired – to the Organization of events, for example, the organisation of signs, trade show booths, or costumes. The customer of a promotion agency of that operates nationwide, has to worry this even something in the rarest cases, because everything is organised by from front to rear in whole Germany. This is especially handy when promotional measures in multiple locations should be performed at the same time. A local promotion agency could build a particularly spectacular scenes such as the Brandenburg Gate, the famous landmark, which is a real tourist magnet. An effective nationwide promotional machinery is also from a regional operating agency. As a customer, you must make the camera maximum available.

The Agency cares, for example, the approval of the city for carrying out the action, as well as the necessary equipment, unless the customer has this not in the portfolio. Who does what in a promotion agency? Promotion agencies have many different departments. At Goop you will find additional information. We all see – the people who are more or less at the front, are the promoter itself. You distribute, market and sell on behalf of the client or the Agency. You are the media, which communicates to the outside and stands for the advertised product. The consultants are a critical link in the Agency. You keep in touch with the customers, sell new creative ideas and offers. You write the briefings for the promoter and tune them with the customer. The consultants give the promoters of the necessary knowledge and important sales help at hand. Behind the scenes the planners and analysts of a promotion agency the designers pulling the strings in the background and have rarely direct contact with customers. You worry about everything else that goes behind the scenes to organize the administrative work and the required equipment Often, the designers have a large network of contacts that they can use at any time. It is no matter whether you need fast 300 new cups or whether a Permission must be for the Cologne market place here. Analysts called the market researchers, evaluate a promotion in the connection. Who bought the product, how old was he, what does he and why has he accessed? How many customers we have achieved, and how many of them were in the relevant target group? These are just a few examples of the things that an analyst finds out. The result is not only an important evaluation for the customer, but affects future actions.

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